Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome students to my 2013/2014 classes at LAC!  We have some really cool things in store for this year:

Latin students:

We have the Roman banquet field trip in November.  (If you didn't get a flyer during the Parent meeting - make sure you take one home on the first day of classes!)

In class we'll learn classical pronunciation.  Have a grand time with chanting our conjugations and declensions.  Learn some phrases and their meanings (like the story behind "And then we'll fight in the shade").  Find out why Roman swords (gladii) have a ridge down the middle.  And learn the intriguing origins of some English words (like what does the word sinister have to do with being left handed?).

Mythology/Comp students:

We are going to start class each week by looking at some of those fantastic posts you might see on facebook or tumblr - and then correct the grammar.  Here is a teaser (or rather, "What's wrong with this picture?"):

We'll study the Greeks and the Romans - and even watch "O Brother Where Art Thou" after we finish reading "The Odyssey."  We'll join the Latin students at the Roman Banquet.  And one up them by having a Viking feast as we study Norse mythology.

And then we'll finish out the year with King Arthur - making our own coat of arms - and even a King Arthur action figure!

Geography Students:

We are going to eat our way around the world!  We'll start with our edible landform project:

And then as we learn about different countries, you will be bringing food to share from around the world.  Another really cool aspect of the class is all the guest speakers.  Kelli Sasser came to talk to my students about her years in the United Arab Emirates - even bringing a dishdasha and a hijab for students to try on:

I am so looking forward to meeting you all (and greeting all my returning students!) - we are going to have a fantastic year!