Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Form Latin class update - week 1

Today we began class by looking over the syllabus - couple of things to note:
1.  All grades will be on and the students were given access codes for you to sign up so that you can see how your student is doing.
2.  The students will be required to attend one field trip.  I will be sponsoring a Roman banquet and a flyer with more details was sent home.  Put it on your calendar now so that you don't schedule conflicts.  If a conflict cannot be avoided, please talk with me about some suggestions for your alternative event.

We began class by learning the difference between ecclesiastical and Classical Latin - and then working on Classical Latin pronunciation.  The text book that we use prefers the church Latin - so we will ignore those sections of the text!

After some practice words, we delved right into Latin grammar regarding verbs and then learned how to conjugate a 1st conjugation verb in the present tense.

1.  One of the keys to doing well in Latin is to do homework DAILY.  Break up the weekly assignment into 4 sections with vocabulary and grammar review.  We will have a quiz each week at the beginning of class.
2.  Re-read the text book lesson - pages 8-11
3.  Practice your vocabulary words by recitation.  Make sure you know their meaning and how to conjugate them.
4.  Do the work book lesson for chapter 1 (pages 9-13)
5.  Be sure to have both a parent and student signature on your syllabus.  Will count as a homework grade!
6.  Create notecards/flash cards for each vocabulary word.  Remember what we discussed in class - leave room for 3 more words on the Latin side; on the English side: meaning and 2 derivatives

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