Monday, September 16, 2013

First Form Latin Sept 16th class update


We began class with a quick review and oral drill over the vocabulary and grammar from last week and then the students took their first quiz.

Our lesson from today was learning about the imperfect tense.  Imperfect means a past action that is either repeated or interrupted.  For example:

I was walking the dog.  The students used to study French.  The key is in the helping verbs - imperfect is always translated with either was/were or used to.

1.  Make notecards (including derivatives) for each of your new vocabulary words.
2.  Reread the text book lesson for this week: pages 12 -13
3.  Practice your vocabulary by recitation (be sure to go over the words from both lessons).
4.  Do the workbook pages for lesson 2 - pages 14-19.  If you have never diagrammed sentences before, you will need to read pages 93-98 in the text book.  You may skip question 8 on page 14.
5.  Caleb S - project on Roman Roads due Sept 30.

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