Thursday, September 19, 2013

Geography class update September 19

The students did a great job with their continent fact sheets and postcards.  We have some really creative students!

In today's lesson, we learned about what defines a culture, the five most notable ones that Geographers look at, population patterns, urbanization, and rapid population growth (and it's pitfalls).

The students were also assigned a culture project.  They are to create a poster showing elements of a certain culture that they are a part of (or just interested in): middle schoolers, high schoolers, homeschoolers, Georgians, Southerners, fans of, ethnic heritage, religious group, or something else.  The poster should have both words and pictures, be colorful, and be clearly defined and labeled.


  • Complete the handout for the week (note the reading assignment at the top of the page)
  • Culture poster due next week (September 26)
  • Be working on your edible landform research and poster – due October 3
  • Ask your parents about the number of places they have lived in their lifetime (how many times have they moved?).  You can add a #5 to the handout and put your answer there.

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