Thursday, September 26, 2013

Geography class update - September 26

Thank you so much to Mrs Beaver for filling in for Mrs Harris today!

Today, we began by reviewing the concepts learning last week.  The students presented their cultural posters to the class.  Then Mrs Beaver spent the class time talking about her own culture - being from Minnesota.  I hope the students enjoyed learning about many aspects of the culture - and how cool it is that our country can have so many different cultural regions!

Field Trips:  Each student is required to attend two cultural events.  This coming weekend there is the Atlanta Greek Festival - and my church (Trinity Lutheran on Killian Hill) is hosting an Oktoberfest.  Attending/participating in an event will count as a test grade.  I am hosting an ancient Roman banquet for my Latin and Mythology students - please let me know if your student would like to attend this for their requirement.

Engrade: All grades are posted through  On the first day of classes your student was given an access code.  If you have not registered and you need this code, please let me know and I'll email it to you.  Grades are typically entered within 24 hours of the class (today's grades will be posted by September 30th as Mrs Harris is currently out of the country!) so that progress can be monitored at anytime.

Tuition: If you are on the monthly payment plan, tuition for October is due next week.

1.  Review your notes from previous weeks!
2.  Edible Landform projects (edible creation and poster) are due next week

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