Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mythology Class update - September 19

The students did a fantastic job today with their continued presentations about the main Olympian gods - and our next two rounds of presentations have been chosen.

We had our first quiz over the Greek and Roman gods and their jobs.  If your student did not do well, they may take the quiz again on October 3.  If they would like to do this, just send me an email letting me know that you will participate.  The quiz will be given at 8:50am on October 3.  Knowing the names of the gods and what they represent is essential to understanding the stories we will be reading and discussing.

Next we delved into the first of our reader's theatre plays - learning the stories of Niobe, Athena and Io.

1.  gods presentation - first one due September 26
2.  Finish reading "The Loves of the gods" and then answer (in well written sentences/paragraphs!) the discussion questions on the last page.  Your answers may be typed.
3.  Continue to work on your omg project

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