Thursday, October 10, 2013

Geography class update - October 10

Today we got to enjoy the extended edible landform project :-)  Cole did a fantastic job with his river - even doing an oxbow lake:

To start our new unit, each of the students received a handout explaining projects.  The students had a list of 20 options to choose from - ranging from research papers to powerpoints or even videos.  The rule is that only one student can do a particular topic per unit - and no student can repeat their same topic in a future unit.  For this round of projects - the students can choose their focus from any of the countries we are studying (countries from chapter 10 or 11)

Here are the choices:
1. Akhi
2. Cole
3. Silas
5. Melody
6. McKinzy
7. Sallie
9. Azaria
10. Ted
16. Rachel
17. Ryan
19. Tennyson
20. Stephen

The students can change topics - but they will need to pick one that is still open.  The projects will most likely be due in four weeks - but I'll have a better idea of the date in a week or so to make sure it coincides with the conclusion of the unit.

On the day the projects are due, the students will also bring in a food item to share with the class that comes from the country they did for their project.  I have international cookbooks if anyone would like to borrow one. There are also a few noted in the "suggested reading" section over in the right sidebar.

We began our discussion of chapter 10 with mapwork.  I will be sending an email (please check to make sure that you receive this!) shortly with the list of all the items that should be studied and noted on the map as well as a pdf copy of the map for you to print as many as you need for studying and practice.  We then talked about the UK, Ireland, and began Norway - which is where we will pick up next week.

1.  Don't forget about attending a cultural event!  There are 2 that need to happen over the course of this school year.  The next festival that I am aware of is the Scottish Highland games at Stone Mountain park October 18-20.  If you know of any events/festivals, please share them with me!
2.  Read your text book pages 254-271 - and then answer the questions on the handout.
3.  Part of the handout includes a current event article.  Your article should be about one of the countries we discussed today (UK, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland).  Your article should be about an event that happened in the last few days and not more than 2 weeks ago.  Summarize your article on the handout.  BRING A COPY OF THE ARTICLE to class to turn in with the handout.  Be sure that you are actually summarizing something newsworthy rather than a "fluff" piece.  Feel free to check with me about your article before writing about it!
4.  Practice your mapwork.

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