Thursday, October 24, 2013

Geography class update - October 24

Today we had a fantastic class because we had a guest speaker!  We welcomed Ricki Moran who was born and raised in Ireland.  Mrs Moran talked to the class about Ireland - it's rich agricultural community - its focus on conservation - its long, rich history - about issues in Ireland between the Protestants and Catholics - and between England and Ireland.  And then we capped it all off with having some Irish tea, cream crackers with cheese, Irish bread, and digestive biscuits.  It was a fantastic talk and I think we all learned a lot!

Then we continued a little bit with our chapter on Northwestern Europe - just covering the portion about France.

1.  Be sure to write a thank you note to Mrs Moran!  Remember to use a pen and write on some nice paper (not note book paper!) or stationery.  Take your time and do a nice job with this.
2.  Complete the questions on the handout about chapter 11 - including a current event.  Be sure to bring the actual article used to class.
3. Bonus opportunity: next class is on Halloween.  If you come to class dressed up -with a Geography theme from the unit we are working on - I will give you bonus points on the next test.  You could wear a traditional costume.   Or a costume related to legends, stories, dance, sports.  Or perhaps even something flag related.  Creativity counts!

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