Thursday, October 31, 2013

Geography class update - October 31

We did a lot in class today!

Last week in the homework, I offered a bonus for any student who came in a Geography themed costume.  Many thanks to my two students who came in traditional Austrian attire:

We talked about what happened on this day in history - be sure to ask your student about what happened on October 31, 1517 in Germany.

Then we moved on to finish our chapter on Northwest Europe.  We did take a short time out as we discussed Belgium and their relation to diamonds.  We talked about De Beers and the influence of their advertising campaign for diamonds during the 1940s.  We wrapped up our unit playing a review game.

1.  Finish your projects.  Be sure to email if you have any questions about the requirements!  The projects will be presented in class next week - November 7th
2.  Be sure to bring in a food item to share with the class (it can be from any country we discussed in this unit).  Let me know if you need recipe ideas (actually - just google the country you want plus the word recipe).  On the resources tab at the top of this page - if you click there and look at all the Geography options - one of them is recipes from Scandinavia.  If you find a recipe that is yummy (and easy) let me know and I can link it from there for future students! 
3. Be studying your terms and maps.  The test for this unit will be on November 14th.

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