Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mythology class update - October 24

We began class by going over the outlines for the hero essays.  The students need to pay close attention to supporting their statements with specific evidence and/or quotes from the stories that we read in class.

Grammar wise, we discussed the oxford comma and it's importance in grammar - that without it the meaning of a statement can be completely changed.

We read one more story about a hero - this time a female heroine - Atalanta.

1.  Submit a revised outline for the hero essay via email by October 30th at noon.  (Keep in mind that we will still learn about 2 more heroes - Orpheus and Jason.  They will add more examples to your writing - but you should be able to formulate the direction you'd like your essay to take.  Your finished essay should be between 1000 - 1500 words or 2-4 type written pages.)
2.  Continue with your OMG project.  Don't forget that you will need to turn in a full listing of resources - including sources for your pictures.  On the sheet, you'll list each card separately with the list of sources below.  Please ask me in class if you need further examples or an explanation.  If you haven't been doing this - now is the time to play catch up!

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