Thursday, November 21, 2013

Geography class update - November 21

Today we finished our discussion of Russia.  We spent the majority of the class time reviewing terms from the book and even labeling a large map with all the cities, rivers, mountains, and seas.  The students need to continue practicing with their maps.

  • Complete your project for Russia as it's due December 5th.  Don't forget to bring a food item to share with the class.  I will provide all the paper products, but please do bring a serving utensil if necessary!
  • Review your terms, notes, and map work - the test for this unit is on December 12th.
  • If you are going to do the extra credit reading assignment for this unit, it is due on December 12th - and you need to let me know you are going to participate by November 30.
  • Don't forget that you must attend two cultural events over the course of this school year.  Each event counts as a test grade.

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