Friday, November 8, 2013

Geography class update - November 7

The students did a fantastic job today with their project presentations - and we had quite a feast with everything they brought to share with the class! 

After the presentations, the students chose the projects they will work on for our next unit - Russia.  This will be a quick unit.  We'll begin next week after our test - with 2 weeks of information - and the projects due on December 5th.  The test will be December 12th and we'll finish off the year with a fantastic guest speaker.

1. Do the coloring page for Russia - page 26.  Be sure to read the instructions at the front of the book to do the coloring correctly.  It's not free form coloring - it's very specific.  Your end result should look very similar to the cover of the book.
2. Be sure to study for the test for next Thursday.  Go over your textbook and handouts from these 2 chapters.  Be sure to review your map work!
3. Begin working on your project!

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