Monday, December 9, 2013

First Form Latin class update - December 9

Today we began a new unit and had our first taste of Latin nouns.  There are four parts to memorize (and to have a proper dictionary entry): nominative singular, genitive singular, gender, and meaning.  We spent a lot of time in class declining nouns to get used to the system and the students quickly were able to decline nouns without having to consult their books to see the endings!  We even declined nouns that they haven't learned yet because they are all done the same way.  They had fun trying to guess what the words might mean.

Students need to check the dates for when the projects they signed up to do are due.  Be sure that you are able to present and turn in your project on the correct date.

  • Read the text book pages 38 and 40-41
  • Workbook pages for lesson 14: pages 77-79 (you may skip question 17 on page 77)
  • Make note cards for your new vocabulary words + derivatives
  • Presentations: Sydney - Roman House and Family; Jade - Roman games, toys, and entertainment - both due December 16.

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