Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mythology class update - December 12

Today we spent time reviewing the characters and the back story to The Iliad - and then read the final play of the story.  It's important for the students to realize that the story only takes place over the course of a few months in the 9th year of a 10 year war.  The apple, abduction of Helen, the death of Achilles, and even the Trojan Horse do not happen in this story!  We also read a little about what happened after the end of The Iliad with the deaths of Agamemnon and Cassandra.

  • Keep working on OMG project - we'll have a better idea of the due date in January (probably the end of January/beginning of February).
  • Iliad essay topics.  Due January 13, 2014 via email by 8pm.  There are no drafts to turn in - but I would recommend that you go through the steps of outlining and doing a rough draft as we did for the Heroes essay.  I  would be willing to do a commentary on an OUTLINE (not a rough draft) if you would email it to me over the break.
  • Answer the discussion questions at the end of "The Rage of Achilles."
  • Read the hand out about "The Cursed House of Atreus."
  • There will be a quiz over The Iliad on January 16.
  • When we return from Christmas break, we'll begin with reading/discussing The Odyssey.  When we finish, I would like for the class to get together at my home to watch "O Brother Where Art Thou."  Please look at your calendars and see if there is a Friday that would work - perhaps February 1?  I will provide the giant tv, popcorn, candy and soda!

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