Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mythology class update - December 5

Today the students presented their "Oedipus the Musical" projects.  They did a great job - very creative in their casting and musical selections!

Last class we learned a lot of the background to The Iliad - about Helen's parents, courtship, and details leading up to the Trojan war.  The students need to be sure to review their notes each week.

Today we read about the clever Odysseus and his plan to help Tyndareus peacefully find a husband for Helen.  Then that pledge comes back to haunt Odysseus as he is forced to go to war for Menelaus.  Then we read about the actual beginning of the Iliad - with Achilles refusing to fight due to an argument with Agamemnon. 

  • Continue to work on your OMG project.
  • Be thinking about your Iliad essays.  They won't be due til January (a date will be assigned next week) - there is only one draft to turn in - but I would be willing to look at/comment on an outline for the essay.
  • Answer the discussion questions at the end of each play from this week.  (Be sure that your answers are in well formed, well thought out sentences!)

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