Monday, January 13, 2014

First Form Latin update - January 13

In a language, vocabulary is cumulative and all vocabulary should be studied/reviewed each week.  The students really need to spend some time going over all the nouns that we have learned.

Today's lesson focused on 1st and 2nd declension adjectives.  We did not have any new endings to learn, but there was a grammar lesson.  In Latin, adjectives must agree with the noun that they modify in case, number, and gender.  Where this gets tricky is in our three masculine nouns of the first declension.  The endings for these nouns look feminine yet they are masculine.  So when paired with an adjective, the endings are different: agricola bonus.

There is no class next week because of the MLK holiday.  Today's lesson was to be a review of 1st and 2nd declension nouns - but we moved ahead to cover the new grammar that would have been presented next week.  The students will still need to do the review lesson during their break.

Homework for this week:
1. Reread the text book pages 48-49
2. Workbook for lesson 18 - pages 94-98
3. Make note cards for your new vocabulary words.  Find additional derivatives for each word.

Homework for next week:
1.  Read lesson 17 - pages 46-47
2. Workbook pages for lesson 17
3. Projects: January 27 - Grace - The Titans and the gods; February 3 - Sarah - Prometheus

We will not have a quiz over lesson 17.  When you return to class on January 27, the quiz will cover the grammar of lesson 18.  Make sure you are studying/reviewing all your vocabulary and grammar!

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