Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Form Latin class update - February 20th

In today's class we moved to a new unit and began learning about 3rd declension nouns.  These nouns will take a lot of practice and studying as they change a lot in spelling from the nominative to the genitive singular.  The students need to be sure they have their 1st and 2nd declension endings down pat so that there is a smooth transition into the remainder of the declensions that we'll study this year.  The students also need to be cautious about their adjective endings - 1st/2nd declension adjectives will not have the same endings as 3rd declension nouns - remember they have to agree in case, number, and gender - but they do not have to agree in declension.

1. Read lesson 21 pages 56-57
2. Workbook pages for lesson 21 - pages 110-114
3. Make note cards for your new vocabulary words + find an additional derivative for each word.
4. Spend time reviewing your vocabulary and grammar!
5. Projects - March 13 -Stephen - Spartacus

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