Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Form Latin class update for February 13

There will be no classes at LAC on Thursday due to the snow and ice.  I hope that you all stay safe and warm - but still have some fun outside!

Because we have already missed one day of classes due to the snow, you will need to work on this week's assignment on your own.  It's a review week and no new material, so you should be fine!

To be completed by next class period:
1. Read the textbook for lesson 20 - pages 52-53
2. Complete the workbook pages for this lesson - pages 104-108
3. Study, study, study!
4.  I will email the unit test - it should be taken without assistance when you are prepared and brought to class next week.
5. I am going to change the due dates for the presentations: Sallie - Pandora's Box - February 27th; Leah - The Underworld - February 27th

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