Friday, February 28, 2014

Geography class update - February 27

In today's class we did our map work and chapter notes for Japan and the Koreas. 

1. Reach chapter 24 - pages 632-649
2. The handout for this week was emailed to all yesterday evening.  Do note that there is a typo: on #5 - it should state that the Making Connections is on page 641.  You may do your current event on Japan, North Korea, or South Korea.  Be sure to write your summary and bring a copy of your article to class.
3.   Geography coloring book page 33 - China, Japan, and the Koreas
4. There will be a sub next week - Mrs. Curtis.  She will be covering the chapter on China and then you'll do some review for the test.
5.  Tuition is due next week if you pay monthly.  Mrs Curtis will be collecting that - or you may mail it to me.
6. Projects are due March 13 (don't forget you may add China as a topic) - including your food item to share with the class.
7.  Quiz over this unit will be on March 20th.
8.  I am HOPING to get a guest speaker from India.

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