Friday, February 7, 2014

Geography class update - February 6, 2014

For this course, attending 2 cultural events is required.  After your event, you are to write up a short summary of what you did/saw/ate/experienced.  If you still need to fulfill this requirement - here are two things to consider:
  • Watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games on Friday, February 7th - and add to your viewing by sampling some foods from around the world.  You could have a complete meal, or just get snacks from your local farmer's market - or even Trader Joe's.  
  • Watch the Amazing Race.  This show begins with a new season soon after the Olympics.  You can watch each week - and on Thursdays give me list of the countries visited and three cultural traditions/activities that you saw.  By doing this each week (and not missing a week!) you can earn BOTH of your cultural event credits.
  • My Mythology class is hosting a Viking Feast.  If you would like to attend this, the cost is $20/student and I need for you to pay/register by Thursday, February 13.  If we do not have at least 12 students registered, the event will be canceled and your funds returned to you.
 In today's class, the students did their US/Canada project presentations.  Cole out did himself with his salt dough map of the US - it came in measuring 3x4 and weighing about 15 pounds.  Amazing - great job Cole!

Next week:
1. Study, study, study for the quiz over this unit.  If you would like to take the bonus test on the US states and capitals, please let me know by Tuesday, February 11th.
2.  We will begin our unit on Asia next week after the test.

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