Thursday, February 20, 2014

Geography class update - February20th

In today's class we began our new unit and covered all of chapter 22 on South Asia.

For our map work, the students first made a list of all the items they need to know for their map work.  Each student was given 2 maps -one to write on in class and one to use to make copies for studying.  Please let me know if you need for me to email a pdf of the map for this chapter.

1. Read chapter 22 - pages 587-604
2. Handout for chapter 22
3. Current event:
India: Azaria, Ted, Tennyson, and Stephen
Pakistan: Jared, Melody, Sallie, and Silas
Bangladesh: McKinzy, Cole, and Lily
Any of the other countries from this unit: Akhi
4. Projects are due March 13; Test for this unit is March 20th.  We will have a substitute teacher on March 6.

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