Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Geography class update for February 13

There will be no classes at LAC on Thursday due to the snow and ice.  I hope that you all stay safe and warm - but still have some fun outside!

To be completed by next class:
1.  I have emailed the quiz and maps for chapters 4 and 5.  Please complete them without assistance of any kind when you are prepared and bring them to class next week.
2.  Page 32 in the Geography coloring book - do all the countries except Afghanistan.  Be sure that you have read the instructions for coloring - it's about 2 pages after the table of contents - it's on the right side of the page and labeled "coloring procedures."  When you are done, your page should look quite similar to the cover of the book.
3.  Next week we will begin our study of chapter 22.
4.  Begin working on your project!

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