Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mythology class update - February 20th

In today's class the students presented their group Odyssey projects.  The guys did a powerpoint of an Odyssey cruise and the girls made a website for an Odyssey theme park.  You can see the girls work here:

During the snow, the students were to read the first two plays from the Aeneid and today we wrapped up the story.  Next week, we'll put it all into context and talk about Virgil's purpose as well as explaining some more details of the story.

1.  Finish the last page and a half of the Aeneid part IV.
2. OMG project is due on March 13.
3. Work on finishing your review handout/study guide - we'll go over a bit of this in class next week and I can answer any questions.
4.  The test over all Greek/Roman mythology will be on March 6 - and then we will begin the Vikings.
5.  Be sure to get a copy of "Summerland" by Michael Chabon - bring it to class on March 6.
6.  The Viking field trip has been canceled.  If you have paid, your funds will be returned to you next week. I am changing the field trip requirements for the class - only one will be required instead of two.  If you did not attend the Roman banquet, you will still need to attend an event/museum.  If you did attend the Roman banquet but did not turn in a summary, you will still need to attend another event/museum.  If you are not sure, check engrade - if you have a grade for the cultural event (it's under quizzes/tests) - then you are all set!

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