Thursday, March 13, 2014

First form Latin class update - March 13

In today's class we finally caught up with the schedule after our snow days!  We briefly skimmed the 3rd declension review chapter - only discussing the saying for the week and we talked a bit about how to parse and then translate a sentence from English into Latin.  In Latin there is a typical word order of subject, indirect object,direct object, and then the verb.

Our next lesson was to learn about 4th declension nouns.  There are not many nouns in this declension - and most of them are masculine.

1.  You do not need to do the workbook pages for the review - but if you are still struggling with the third declension endings - it would be a good idea to do it!  Also, you can review the quiz for that chapter as well.
2.  Workbook pages for lesson 25 page 130-134
3. Reread the chapter - pages 64-65
4. Make note cards including derivatives for your new vocabulary words.
5. Project presentations: Ted - March 27 - Scipio and Hannibal

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