Monday, March 24, 2014

First Form Latin class update - March 24

In today's class we skipped our typical chanting review of all the forms we have learned and instead focused on reviewing the workbook pages from this week's homework.  The students had a difficult time with some of the problems.  After reviewing it with the students, I asked them what about this lesson was so difficult for them.  Here are some of the responses: "I didn't remember the verbs."  "I didn't remember the endings."  "I got confused about the endings and the translation."

The last response makes sense to me. We have not worked a lot on translation - so this was a new experience.  But the other two responses - well.  Homework is not a test.  If the students aren't sure of a word or an ending, they need to look back in their text for the answer - also noting that they should add that item to their review when studying over the course of the week.  Languages are cumulative.  Not only are there workbook pages and notecards for homework - the students should be studying as well. 

1. Read the text book - pages 68-71
2. Workbook for lesson 27 - pages 140-144
3.  Take the unit test when you are prepared.
4. Project presentations: March 31 - Delaney - Pompey the Great; April 14 - Caleb H - Nero; April 21 - Caleb S -Trajan; April 28 - Grace - Diocletian


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