Thursday, March 6, 2014

Geography class update - March 6

Many thanks to Amy Curtis for subbing today!

In today's class we covered the chapter on China and spent some time reviewing for the test.

1. Please do not forget that you are required to do 2 cultural events over the course of the school year.  They each count as a test grade.  If you are watching the Amazing Race, you should check in with me weekly about what you have seen.  Please let me know if you still need suggestions for things to do for this requirement.
2. Handout covering China chapter + current event (be sure to bring a copy of the article to class)
3. Projects are due March 13 - don't forget to bring a food item from your country to share with the class.  I will bring all the paper goods - please do bring something to serve your item if necessary.
4. Quiz over this unit is on March 20th
5. After the quiz we will have a guest speaker from India.

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