Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mythology class update - March 20

In today's class we reviewed the history of the Vikings and the creation stories that they told. 

We read about the building of the wall around Asgard and how Loki tricked the giant and the horse into not completing their project.  We also read about Freya, her obsession with jewels, and how Thor stood in as a bride for her.

The students chose additional gods for presentations:
Eric - Sliepnir
Tennyson - Frey
Cole - Skade
Nicole - Ragnorok
Emily - Braggi
Lily - Freya

1.  Be prepared to tell about your god next week (may not be called upon - but be prepared!)
2. Read Daulaire's - "Sif's Golden Hair" - pages 44-49
3. Keep reading "Summerland" - essay will be due the week after the test on Norse mythology.  I am willing to do commentary on an outline.

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