Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Form Latin class update - April 3

In today's class we moved to our last unit for this year - learning about 2nd conjugation verbs.

This conjugation is quite similar to 1st conjugation - their endings are all the same - but it does have key differences in the present stem and principal parts.

A grammar term that we reviewed was the complementary infinitive.  This is an infinitive that completes the action of the main verb: We love to wash the car.  I want to go to France.  We spent some time in class working on sentence translation.

1. Read the text book - pages 72-75
2. Workbook for lesson 29 - pages 151-155
3. Make notecards for your new vocabulary words.  Be sure to leave room to come back and add the 3rd and 4th principal parts to each card.
4.  Find additional derivatives for the words in the vocabulary list.
5. Projects - Ted - Hannibal and Scipio - April 17
5. No class next week - have a great Spring Break!

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