Thursday, April 24, 2014

Geography class update - April 24

The students took their test covering Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica.

Next we picked projects for our unit on Central and South Africa.  These projects will perform double duty as they will count as a project grade and a test grade.

We watched an amazing video about a symphony in the Democratic Republic of Congo - the Kinshasa symphony.  I encourage the students to watch it again (with better sound than we had in the classroom) and to share with anyone who has a love of music.

Finally, we began talking about chapter 19.

1.  I have emailed the handout of questions for chapter 19 - please print and complete and bring to class next week.  Part of the assignment is a current event article - this event needs to have taken place as recently as possible - no more than 4 weeks ago.
2. Projects/food items are due on May 15
3. Extra credit opportunities.  You may complete one of the following options - it will be worth 20 extra credit points for either the test or project section of your grades.

  • 1.Watch “The Gods must be Crazy” – netflix dvd – write a summary and review
  • 2.Watch “Invictus” – netflix dvd – write a summary and review
  • 3.Watch National Geographic’s  “Diamonds of War – Africa’s Blood diamonds” – netflix streaming – write a summary
  • 4.Watch National Geographic’s “Gabon – the Last Eden” – write a summary

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