Thursday, May 8, 2014

Geography class update

In today's class we finished our unit on South Africa and its neighbors.  We tried to watch a video so that the students could hear what the !San language (the people of the Kalahari desert) sounds like as it's quite unique with its sounds.  But, due to technical issues, it was difficult to hear - so you may watch/listen to it here:

1.  If you want to do an extra credit project for this unit, it needs to be turned in by next Thursday.  (note there is a limit of one)
2. Don't forget that you need to do 2 cultural events this year - there are some students that need to complete one or both of these by next Thursday.  They each count as a test grade.  The event should be summarized and turned in - and be sure to contact me for approval for your event.
3. Next week the Africa projects are due - they will count as both a test grade and a project grade.  Don't forget to bring a food item to share with the class.

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