Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 4

Second Form - Today's lesson focused on review - specifically that of third, fourth, and fifth declension nouns - and these are ones that typically give students troubles.  Time really needs to be spent on reviewing these - going over not only the vocabulary but also the declension forms.

Third Form - Today we learned about participles - verbal adjectives.  Examples: The conquered Gauls retreated to the mountains.   The written words are meaningful. The collected flowers are now in a vase.  In Latin, this participle comes from the fourth principal of the verb.  This form is also used to create a compound verbal form of the perfect passive system.


·        Review the grammar and vocabulary from First Form!

·        Workbook pages 14- 19; Rachel – pages 20 - 26

·        Notecards + derivatives for your vocab

·        Review, review, review!

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