Monday, September 8, 2014

Third Form Latin - week 1 update


Today we began class by looking over the syllabus:
1.  All grades will be on and the students were given access codes for you to sign up so that you can see how your student is doing.
2.  We will take the National Latin exam in March.  The cost for the exam is $10 - this can be sent in anytime before we break for Christmas
3.  We will have two grading periods this year - and the students will do one project for each semester.  The guidelines are the same - but the students really need to work on their presentations and be sure to not read their projects but tell the class about what they have learned.

The remainder of the class was a quick review of First and Second Form Latin.  The students need to review 3rd, 4th and 5th declension nouns, 3rd and 4th conjugation verb endings, and the passive voice.  We spent some time at the board going over 3rd declension nouns.

1.  Read chapter one in the text book
2.  Work book pages 6-12
3.  Review, review, review (grammar and vocab from last year)!!
4.  Parent and student needs to sign that you have read the syllabus - this will count as a homework grade.

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