Monday, October 6, 2014

First Form Latin update - week 5 - October 6

"Civis Romanus sum"

In English, the verb "to be" is irregular.  It is also irregular in Latin.  We learned the infinitive and present, imperfect, and future tenses of the verb.  It is important for the students to understand that there are not helping verbs in Latin - but you will need them to translate from Latin to English.

Review wise - the students need to review lesson 4 about the infinitive form.  Especially pay attention to how the infinitive is used to find the stem of a Latin verb (drop the -re from the infinitive and what is left is the present stem - this is what you use to add all the personal endings!).

1. Re-read the text book pages 18-19
2. Practice your vocabulary words by recitation (be sure to go over ALL words that we've learned!)
3.  Be sure that you know the Latin sayings (and how to spell them correctly)
4. Do notecards for each tense of sum – include both the Latin and the English.  Also be sure to do a “regular” notecard for sum that includes the infinitive and translation.
5. Workbook pages for lesson 5 - pages 30-33

6. Upcoming projects: Oct 27 - Dylan - Roman Army; Nov 3 - Grant - Roman Gladiators and the Colosseum

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