Monday, October 13, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 6 - October 13

Second Form: In today's lesson we learned about third declension adjectives.  The endings for theses adjectives are very similar to what we saw last week with third declension -i stem nouns.

Third Form: We have now finished the perfect passive system by learning the future perfect passive tense.

Next week will be review before our unit test.  The students especially need to work on the third declension noun endings - review, review, review!!

1.  Review all the grammar and vocabulary
2.  Re read the text book pages 20-21
3.  Workbook pages 29 - 34; Rachel: page 40-44
4.  Create and English sentence with the following: at least one genitive, a dative, a 3rd declension adjective, and an accusative.  Then translate it into Latin.  (Second Form only)

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