Monday, November 3, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 9 - November 3

In today's class we reviewed the eight different types of pronouns - and then learned how decline the second person personal pronoun.  We also discussed how pronouns refer to or take the place of the antecedent and the need to be careful when using pronouns in writing so that the meaning is clear.

In Third form Latin we continued our review of nouns - focusing on 3rd, 4th, and 5th declension.  Again, mastery is key!  If there is any hesitation in the review of meanings, do make note cards to study those words a little more.  We also discussed indeclinable nouns and appositives.

1. Re read the text book pages: 28-29; Rachel - pages 30-31
2. Workbook pages 46-49; Rachel - pages 60-66
3. Notecards + derivatives
4. Review, review, review!

5. Rachel - write a sentence in English and translate into Latin using an appositive. 

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