Monday, December 15, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 14 - December 15

Second Form: Today we reviewed the present system of first and second conjugation verbs in preparation for learning third and fourth conjugation. So - there was no new material today - but a lot for students to review over the break.

Third Form - Today we reviewed pronouns - they are very confusing in any language - there are 8 different kinds, overlapping forms, they can function as both pronouns and adjectives, they have antecedents, and there are two different agreement rules!  Then we moved to the next chapter (last time to double up!) and learned the 3rd person pronouns - is, ea, id - as well as the 3rd person possessive adjective -suus, sua, suum.

Homework for Second Form: 

  • Re read pages 38-41
  • review, review, review the vocabulary listed in chapter 12 (70 verbs, adverbs from last year, and the Latin sayings!).
  • workbook pages for chapter 12 - pages 72-76
  • Have a Merry Christmas - see you on January 5!
Homework for Third Form:
  • Re read pages 46-51
  • Notecards and derivatives for vocabulary in lessons 14 and 15
  • workbook pages 105-117
  • Have a Merry Christmas - see you on January 5!

First Form Latin update - week 14 - December 15

Today we learned how to decline 2nd declension nouns.

The students need to be sure that their notecards reflect the correct information.  On the Latin side, there should be the nominative singular, genitive singular, and the gender:

equus, equi, m 

Then on the English side - the meaning and derivatives:


equine, equestrian

The students worked on declining in the 2nd declension and quickly memorized the endings.  

  • Read the text book pages 42-43
  • Workbook for lesson 15: 80-83 (you may skip questions, 4, 5, and 7 on page 80 as this follows a different pronunciation guide than what we are using.)
  •  Make notecards for your new vocabulary words.  Find an additional derivative for the words in the vocabulary list that already list a derivative.  Be sure to correct your notecards from last week if they were not done in the format noted above.
  • Have a Merry Christmas - see you on January 5!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin class update - week 13 - December 8

In today's class we reviewed the unit material by working on translating sentences.  The students are getting much better at paying attention to the endings of words so that they know how to place them in a Latin sentence.  They do need to be cautious with nouns and adjective pairs - checking to see that they truly belong together.

In third Form latin - there was no new grammar - just a review of the formation of adjectives and of numbers.  With the numbers, we did learn to decline the irregular forms of two and three - and added new vocabulary for the numbers 11 - 20.


  • Do the unit review in the workbook
  • Study your vocabulary
  • Third Form Latin: re read pages 40-41; workbook pages 96-101
  • Complete the take home test when you are prepared (do not use assistance of any kind!) - it has been emailed - please let me know if you did not receive the attachment

First Form Latin Update - week 13 - December 8

Today we began a new unit and had our first taste of Latin nouns.  There are four parts to memorize (and to have a proper dictionary entry): nominative singular, genitive singular, gender, and meaning.  We spent a lot of time in class declining nouns to get used to the system and the students quickly were able to decline nouns without having to consult their books to see the endings!  We even declined nouns that they haven't learned yet because they are all done the same way.  They had fun trying to guess what the words might mean.

  • Read the text book pages 38 and 40-41
  • Workbook pages for lesson 14: pages 77-79 (you may skip question 17 on page 77)
  • Make note cards for your new vocabulary words + derivatives
  • Last day of class for this semester is Monday December 15

Monday, December 1, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin - week 12 update - December 1

Our grammar lesson today was to learn about prepositions that are governed by the accusative case.  There are a few prepositions (in and sub for example) that can take either case but the meaning is slightly changed.  In + ablative means in or on.  But in + accusative means into.  Typically prepositions that take the accusative case have some sort of movement involved.

Third Form Latin - In the third declension, there are adjectives with one, two, or three terminations.  There are no new endings to learn - just vocabulary!  Also, in order to finish the text by the end of the year, we will not be covering the unit reviews in class any longer.  Also, today we combined two chapters as one of the chapters is review.  We will also combine chapters on December 15th - and then the rest of the year should be single lessons.

  • Re-read the text book pages 34-35; Third Form - 36-39
  • Workbook pages 61-65; Third Form - 78-89
  • Notecards + derivatives
  • Second and Third Form: Write two English sentences with accusative phrases and then translate them into Latin.  (try to include personal pronouns, newer vocabulary, and have them be complex sentences that might also include genitive and dative forms)
  • Translate the following sentence into Latin: We will have dinner around the table.
  • Review, review, review!

First Form Latin Update - week 12 - December 1

In today's class we reviewed unit II - working on vocabulary plus the perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses.  The students worked on writing a synopsis for each verb.

  • Practice your vocabulary by recitation (be sure you know ALL the vocabulary - not just the words from this unit - don't forget about the adverbs!).
  • Do the workbook pages for lessons 12 and 13 (pages 64-74)
  • Complete the take home test that was emailed to you after you have studied.  It should be completed without assistance/books/notes. 
  • Presentations: Meghan: Roman house and family - Dec 8