Monday, December 15, 2014

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 14 - December 15

Second Form: Today we reviewed the present system of first and second conjugation verbs in preparation for learning third and fourth conjugation. So - there was no new material today - but a lot for students to review over the break.

Third Form - Today we reviewed pronouns - they are very confusing in any language - there are 8 different kinds, overlapping forms, they can function as both pronouns and adjectives, they have antecedents, and there are two different agreement rules!  Then we moved to the next chapter (last time to double up!) and learned the 3rd person pronouns - is, ea, id - as well as the 3rd person possessive adjective -suus, sua, suum.

Homework for Second Form: 

  • Re read pages 38-41
  • review, review, review the vocabulary listed in chapter 12 (70 verbs, adverbs from last year, and the Latin sayings!).
  • workbook pages for chapter 12 - pages 72-76
  • Have a Merry Christmas - see you on January 5!
Homework for Third Form:
  • Re read pages 46-51
  • Notecards and derivatives for vocabulary in lessons 14 and 15
  • workbook pages 105-117
  • Have a Merry Christmas - see you on January 5!

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