Monday, February 9, 2015

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 19 - February 9

Second Form: Today's lesson was a review of Unit III - covering the formation of adverbs and the present system of 3rd and 4th conjugation verbs.  As part of our review, the students played competitive games of Memory - winning bonus points for future quizzes/tests to use at their discretion.

Third Form - Today we began a new unit - learning the subjunctive mood.  This is quite different from indicative which indicates a clear action.  Subjunctive is about things that might happen and is characterized by may, let, should. would, and could.  It's quite regular in all conjugations!

Second Form -

  • Read pages 50-51
  • Workbook pages 100-104
  • Review, review, review
  • Do the take home test when you are prepared
  • Project - Stephen - Julius Caesar - Feb 16
Third Form -
  • Read pages 64-67
  • Workbook pages 152-158
  • Note cards and derivatives

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