Monday, February 2, 2015

Second and Third Form Latin week 18 update - February 2

Second Form: In today's class we learned how to make adverbs from 1st/2nd declension adjectives and 3rd declension adjectives.

Third Form: We learned reflexive pronouns in Latin.  Latin is actually easier than English with this form! Reflexive pronouns are not found in the nominative as they are always in the predicate and refer back to the subject of its clause.

1. Read pages 48-49 in your text book; TF: 58-59
2.  Do the workbook pages for lesson 16 - pages 95-99; TF: workbook pages 137-142, review pages 143-151 - the test will be emailed - take it when you are prepared.
3.  SF: Create notecards for our new vocabulary words + derivatives.  You should add the adverbial form to your notecards for the old vocabulary (or create new ones!).
4. Project: Elizabeth - Feb 9 - Cleopatra; Stephen - Feb 16 - Julius Caesar
5. Second Form - translate the following sentences into Latin:

The farmer roughly drags the children from the mountain towards the bridge.
Our brothers will easily build a city with the money from the tribe of Gauls.

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