Monday, March 2, 2015

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 22 - March 2

Second Form: In class we continued working with the perfect system of verbs - today focusing on the 4th conjugation.

Third Form: today we learned the present and imperfect subjunctive of sum.  Because sum is a state of being verb, it does not have a passive form.

Next week is the National Latin exam - we will take the exam in the first part of class - there will not be a chapter quiz next week!

1.     Second form: Read pages 58-59; Third Form 72-73
2.     Second Form: workbook pages for lesson 19: 118-122; Third form pages 174-181

3.     Second Form: Add the principal parts to your notecards for the verbs in this lesson.
4. Third Form - notecards and derivatives.

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