Monday, April 20, 2015

Second and Third Form Latin update - week 28

In today's class we learned the Present system passive for 2nd conjugation verbs.  We also learned a new construction called the Ablative of Means.  It's important to see the differences between these forms:
I walk with Anna (cum + ablative as it's accompaniment)
I write with a pen (ablative of means - no preposition used)

In Third Form we continued learning comparative and superlative adjectives - focusing today on irregular forms.  The key is, if it's irregular in English, it's likely to be irregular in Latin as well. 

Congratulations to the great scores you all received on the National Latin exam! 

1. Read pages 72-73; Third Form: 90-91
2. workbook pages for lesson 24 - pages 152-158; Third Form: 235-239
3. Note cards and derivatives; SF - you don't need to do any derivatives this week! 

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