Thursday, October 15, 2015

Second Form Latin - Week 6 update

In today's lesson we learned about third declension adjectives.  The endings for theses adjectives are very similar to what we saw last week with third declension -i stem nouns.

Next week will be review before our unit test.  The students especially need to work on the third declension noun endings - review, review, review!!

1.  Review all the grammar and vocabulary
2.  Re read the text book pages 20-21
3.  Workbook pages 29 - 34
4.  Create and English sentence with the following: at least one genitive, a dative, a 3rd declension adjective, and an accusative.  Then translate it into Latin. 
5. Upcoming projects: Carson - Nov 5 - Roman Gladiators and the Colosseum; Nov 12 - Benjamin - Trojan War

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