Thursday, December 3, 2015

Second Form Latin - Week 12 update

Our grammar lesson today was to learn about prepositions that are governed by the accusative case.  There are a few prepositions (in and sub for example) that can take either case but the meaning is slightly changed.  In + ablative means in or on.  But in + accusative means into.  Typically prepositions that take the accusative case have some sort of movement involved.

  • Re-read the text book pages 34-35
  • Workbook pages 61-65
  • Notecards + derivatives
  • Write two English sentences with accusative phrases and then translate them into Latin.  (try to include personal pronouns, newer vocabulary, and have them be complex sentences that might also include genitive and dative forms)
  • Translate the following sentence into Latin: We will have dinner around the table.
  • Review, review, review!

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