Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Form Latin - week 16 update

Today's lesson focused on reviewing 1st and 2nd declension nouns,  It's important that the students master these endings before our next class so that learning adjectives for the 1st and 2nd declension will be a breeze!

To help with that review, we played pictionary!  One student drew a card and then had to draw one of our vocabulary words - the rest of the students had to figure out what the drawing was of - and then decline that word in Latin.  It's a little challenging to draw words like friend or word!  The students were very competitive - and won some bonus points to use as they'd choose on a future test or quiz.

  • Read the text book pages 46-47 
  • Workbook for lessons 17: 88-93
  • On page 92 – the translation exercise B – here is the answer for #1 to help you to understand the directions: a (this is the ending for the noun) – circle the “it” at the end of the verb – and then translate: Mary has prayed.
  • Upcoming projects: Grant - January 28 - The Titans and the Gods; Imani - Feb 11 - Pandora's Box

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