Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Form Latin - week 19 update

Today's class focused on review of 1st and 2nd declension nouns and adjectives.  As part of our review, worked on translating sentences - being sure that our adjectives agreed - our nouns were in the correct cases - and that the subject and verb agreed. 

1. Be sure to really review your endings for 1st and 2nd declension nouns. 
2. Review the grammar appendix in the back of the workbook.  You should know the answers to all the questions that we cover in class - and if any of the information is not clear to you, please email me so that I can help!
3.  Workbook for lessons 20: 104-108
4.  Do the unit test without assistance before the next class. 
5. Project - Imani - Pandora's Box - due Feb 11

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