Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Form Latin - week 23 update

Today we reviewed 3rd declension nouns and discussed how to translate a sentence from English into Latin (paying attention to the grammatical forms - and then to correct Latin word order). Reminder: we will take the National Latin exam in class next week. This will take approximately half the class period. We will then move on to learning about the 4th declension. 

Because we are taking the National Latin exam in class next week, we will not have time for our weekly quiz. The students were given the quiz to do for homework if they'd like. They may use their books to complete it. If the students turn it in and get 100% or higher, I will add 10 points to their lowest test grade. 

1. Read lesson 24 - pages 62-63
2. Workbook pages - pages 125-129
3. Review for the National Latin exam -
4. lesson 24 quiz for bonus points 

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