Thursday, April 21, 2016

Second Form Latin update - week 29

In today's class we learned the present system, passive for the third conjugation verbs.  This conjugation continues to use the same passive endings as the other passive forms - and that 2nd person singular continues to be the one irregularity in the system.

We also discussed words in English that end in ous/ious. That ending means "full of" - so we had fun trying to think of words that end in those letters and what they mean: anxious - full of anxiety; dangerous - full of danger; ubiquitous - full of "everywhere;" contagious - full of contagions. We also talked about how sometimes the meaning isn't obvious and you have to go back to the Latin root like with copious - full of supply. Once you start thinking about them, it's hard to stop! 

1. Read pages 74-75
2. Workbook pages for lesson 25 - pages 159-164
3. Notecards + derivatives

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