Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LEAD First Form Latin update - week 2


We began class with a quick review and oral drill over the vocabulary and grammar from last week and then the students took their first quiz.

Our lesson from today was learning about the imperfect tense.  Imperfect means a past action that is either repeated or interrupted.  For example:

I was walking the dog.  The students used to study French.  The key is in the helping verbs - imperfect is always translated with either was/were or used to.

1.  Make notecards (including derivatives) for each of your new vocabulary words.
2.  Reread the text book lesson for this week: pages 12 -13
3.  Practice your vocabulary by recitation (be sure to go over the words from both lessons). 
4.  Do the workbook pages for lesson 2 - pages 14-19.  If you have never diagrammed sentences before, you will need to read pages 93-98 in the text book.  You may skip question 8 on page 14.

Reminder - Tuition is due again next week and then we'll be on a normal, once a month schedule through April.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LEAD First Form Latin update - week 1

Today we began class by looking over the syllabus - couple of things to note:
1.  The syllabus had a few updates that were necessary - it has been eamailed - please print/sign and keep it in your Latin note book. 
2. All grades will be on - however right now the website has been purchased by another company and there is a slight transition in place. As soon as it's set up, I'll send home access codes so that you can see your student's grades at any time.
3. We will take the National Latin exam in March.  The cost for the exam is $10 - this can be sent in anytime before we break for Christmas

We began class by learning the difference between ecclesiastical and Classical Latin - and then working on Classical Latin pronunciation.  The text book that we use prefers the church Latin - so we will ignore those sections of the text!

After some practice words, we delved right into Latin grammar regarding verbs and then learned how to conjugate a 1st conjugation verb in the present tense.

1.  One of the keys to doing well in Latin is to do homework DAILY.  Break up the weekly assignment into 4 sections with vocabulary and grammar review.  We will have a quiz each week at the beginning of class.
2.  Re-read the text book lesson - pages 8-11
3.  Practice your vocabulary words by recitation.  Make sure you know their meaning and how to conjugate them.
4.  Do the work book lesson for chapter 1 (pages 9-13)
5.  Be sure to have both a parent and student signature on your syllabus.  Will count as a homework grade!
6.  Create notecards/flash cards for each vocabulary word.  Remember what we discussed in class - leave room for 3 more words on the Latin side; on the English side: meaning and 2 derivatives