Wednesday, September 14, 2016

LEAD - First Form Latin update - week 4

Today's lesson focused on the second principal part of Latin verbs - the infinitive.  To translate this form into English, the students will use to + the verb (to love, to shout, to pray are all infinitives).  Students need to be sure that they know ALL the vocabulary words presented thus far - and be able to conjugate them in the present, imperfect, and future tenses.


  1. Re-read the text book lessons – pages 8-17 
  2. Practice your vocabulary by recitation (practice words from Lessons 1 -3!)
  3. Add the infinitive form to each of your note cards. (Be sure to add it to the Latin side.  Remember that we will eventually learn the 3rd and 4th principal parts so you will want to leave room for those to be added later as well) 
  4. Do the workbook pages for Lesson 4 (pages 25-29)

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