Monday, September 19, 2016

Second and Third Form Latin - week 2 update


Parents - over the weekend you should have received an email invitation to access your student's grades via engrade. If you have not received this let me know, perhaps we have your email address listed incorrectly. Grades will be updated each week after class.

Second Form:
In today's class we reviewed a little and then moved on to our new grammar of the day - 2nd declension nouns ending in -er and -ir.  The students need to pay attention to the stem to see if the vowel before the -r remains or is dropped.

Third Form:
We continue with review of First and Second form vocabulary and grammar. It is very important that the 3rd and 4th conjugation verbs are mastered as we move forward.  Also work on reviewing the passive endings.

1. Review grammar and vocabulary from First Form
2. Workbook pages 10 -13 (Third form: 13-19)
3. Re read the text book lesson from today
4. Notecards and derivatives for new vocabulary words

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